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Seeking rapid relief from a past trauma or distress? In just one week?

EMDR is the new, evidence-based, safe and effective way to reduce trauma, distress and limiting beliefs.

And you can now do EMDR in a more efficient, accelerated form. It’s sometimes called an ‘EMDR Intensive’.

Three 2-hour sessions, within one week, is usually enough to significantly reduce, or eliminate, the distress of a significant trauma or unpleasant event and its ongoing impacts.

The result?

You’re rapidly freed from that aspect of your past to live more of your life, your way. To live more centred in your values, with deeper life satisfaction.

And EMDR works well online from anywhere in Australia, making it convenient and comfortable for you.

But you can do accelerated EMDR with me, in person, in my clinic in Newcastle, NSW.

I’m an experienced trauma psychotherapist, having trained in numerous trauma therapies including EMDR.

If you’d like to know more about the accelerated EMDR program, please use the button below to book a free 30-minute information session.

Put Your Past Behind You,
Safely and Fast

Now with TRTP, An Innovation in Trauma and Distress Treatments

You are safe - you will not be asked to talk about what happened in the past

You get rapid results - in just 3 sessions within 2 weeks

Most people experience substantial recovery within 3-6 weeks

Convenience - you can do this from the comfort of your home - no travel

You can enjoy the relief and excitement of finally being able to do ‘the impossible’.

Quality Organisations That I Work With

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The Problem

Therapy is so Painful

Traditional trauma therapy means you will be repeatedly distressed when describing what happened.

You risk being re-traumatised and dropping out of treatment before you see the benefits.

Treatment Takes So Long!

Traditional trauma therapy usually takes 8-12 sessions, sometimes longer. It’s not efficient - and just prolongs the agony.

You’re busy, and not sure if the possible results will be worth this torture!

Old Therapies Don’t
Seem to Work

Traditional trauma therapy mostly just uses talk, yet the trauma runs much deeper than this.

These therapies are not treating the trauma where it ‘lives’.

Who is TRTP for?

TRTP is Not For Everyone. But It is Likely To Be a Powerful Option For You If:

  • You are committed to taking action to recover from trauma and past distress
  • You are willing to commit to three sessions
  • You are open to experiencing a trauma therapy that is based on a new, more effective combination of established therapies

Steps in the TRTP Process

Step 1

We have a free online call to answer your questions and decide whether TRTP is the best option for you.

If it’s not, I will tell you and help you explore alternatives.

Step 2

You will replace your unhelpful core beliefs in this first, uplifting session using beautiful imagined scenarios.

You keep the recording to enjoy and empower you over and over.

Step 3

You will then put your past behind you as you re-imagine powerful alternative book-ends to those old distressing events

Step 4

In this session, you will imagine your future in glorious detail.

We will also team up to devise the cutting-edge strategies you need for achieving that beautiful future.

You Will Get

  • A free initial strategy session
  • 3 sessions within 2 weeks that reset your experience of yourself, your past, and your future
  • A recording of your powerful, positive first session to keep and enjoy forever
  • A suite of strategies for achieving your desired future

I’m Toni Knight,
Your Specialist TRTP Therapist

Toni knight in a teal dress

I am a Great Choice of Therapist Because:

  • I have more than 12 years of experience as a psychotherapist, specialising in anxiety and trauma.
  • I have a four-year degree in psychology and diplomas in hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy and qualifications in training, crisis intervention, and coaching.
  • I am also a qualified and experienced practitioner of TRTP, my favourite of the many trauma therapies I have successfully used.
  • 100% of my previous TRTP clients have reported either fully achieving one or more of their goals or making substantial progress towards them within 6 weeks of starting TRTP.

The Bonuses

To Boost your Results I Have Added…

A free full fourth session, four weeks after session 3. This is your precious opportunity to review your progress, reset your direction if needed, and fine-tune your strategy set.

You can also buy additional sessions to help you further develop and strengthen the key skills that seemed impossible to achieve in the past.

A mini-program between sessions 3 and 4 showing you how to use TRTP tools to empower yourself daily. This is a brief series, sent in small manageable bites, to maximise and maintain your amazing progress.

A guided meditation after session 3 for you to relax and absorb the TRTP goodness anytime you need a brief boost.

Support via telephone for up to 10 mins at any time between session 1 and session 4 (maximum of 4 calls). I’m there if you need me!

Bonuses for therapy session
Happiness Is Not Something Readymade. It Comes From Your Own Actions.
-Dalai Lama


If you are not delighted with the results you gain through TRTP after session 3, having faithfully done every part of the program with everything you’ve got, then I will refund your money.

And you get to keep your beautiful recording from session one.

So there is no risk to you. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

There has never been a better opportunity for you to put your distressing past behind you.


What My Past Clients Have Said About Me

  • "After years of carrying the weight of my past it is with real relief that I now have the strength to move forward.

    For what seems to be such a simple and calming experience TRTP is really life changing.

    The door of my past is closed and I am feeling happy and looking forward to my future for the first time in a very long time.

    Thank you Toni. "

    KH, Hunter Valley, March 2022
  • "…After each session I could feel something shifting and allowing me to move forward with less baggage.

    I am really happy I worked through these sessions, and … I feel that I am much better off having done it.

    The professional follow up, week by week has allowed me to continue to benefit from what I did previously "

    JF, Newcastle, March 2022
  • "...over 3 weeks I worked closely with Toni trusting the process she offered and the gains and clarity I made were just what I was looking for and now I feel like I've taken a step into my reality and looking forward to an exciting life ahead...Toni thank you for your guidance..."

    MG, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, April 2022

    Cost: $1490
    Only $1290 for upfront payment
    Payment plans are available

    Don’t wait to feel ‘ready’ for TRTP. Feelings are fleeting and unreliable.

    You can still be willing to do what it takes, because this is a simple choice about what you value more of the same, or a better future of your creation.

    Still not sure? Let's discuss this at your free information session. We will only work together if we are both satisfied that you could substantially
    benefit from TRTP.

    I Look Forward to Telling You More About TRTP. We Can Decide Together If This is The Best Path Forward For you.