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Four Evidence-Based Courses
for Individuals or Teams

Persist and Succeed - the easiest path to resilience and success for people with a purpose (online program)

You need the support of an experienced, wise and caring mentor who can ‘take your hand’ and guide you past the fiery pits of breakdown and burnout to the promised land of uncommon success on the other side.

Are you a business owner with a burning passion to succeed, but who is also struggling with stress, setbacks or stuckness?

Do you find yourself sometimes wanting to just give up, yet you also don’t want to go back to something ‘safe’?

This is, after all, your one life. Your opportunity to be all you can be.

This self-paced online program draws a straight line between ‘you’, the passionate yet struggling professional, and the successful thriver that you are destined to become.

Learn how to deal with anything that the universe throws at you as you learn, grow, give and prosper on your way to your cherished goals and beyond.

  • How to ‘lean in’ to your burnout or other setbacks - and what that will gain you
  • Identifying and connecting with your values - your precious ‘north star’ on this journey
  • How emotional mastery will empower you to feel, decide, collaborate and live better
  • How to improve your ‘psychological capital’ for greater personal effectiveness
  • How to manage your energy and attention (before managing your time) for stunning results
  • What mental, social and professional support you must give yourself and others to succeed

And much more.

This powerful learning experience provides everything you need to manage the many emotional challenges of the courageous path to success - on your terms.

woman pulling her hair

Emotional mastery - your superpower for growing through adversity (online or in-person, 3-4 hours)

Emotional mastery - your superpower for growing through adversity (online or in-person, 3-4 hours)

There will be frustrations, setbacks, and disappointments on your way to the top and beyond. How you manage these is critical to your ongoing success and wellbeing.

Emotional mastery is a skill that you must learn to deal wisely with difficult feelings. You not only feel better, you make better choices. Your effectiveness increases. Relationships improve. And you become a better parent, leader, co-worker and friend.

My evidence-based, four-step process for mastering difficult emotions is easy to learn and put into practice. You can quickly find yourself getting through difficult situations like a pro.

A woman guiding an old man how to control his emotions

The steps are:

  • Check
    Get clear enough to face the feelings without being overwhelmed
  • Check
    Do a basic enquiry and connect with the truth regarding the situation and feelings
  • Check
    Meet any helpful needs signalled by the feelings
  • Check
    Refocus on a small valued activity

With this practice and the fundamental principles of emotional mastery to guide you, you can forever improve your relationship with your feelings in ways that are powerful and positive.

All participants will receive a printed blueprint of the process for their own future use.

And I can arrange ongoing support for you as needed.

This is an interactive and memorable learning experience that will deliver one of life’s most important skills for increased resilience, effectiveness and satisfaction.

If you’d like to know more please phone me on 0406 882 456

Proactive - building your psychological capital for business
and professional success (online or in-person

Psychological capital (or ‘psycap’) is a set of personal skills devised by Luthans that uniquely combine to supercharge your personal and professional effectiveness. They are:


My four-hour workshop provides you with all the essential information and activities you need to develop these four core competencies for lasting success.

Engaged and Excellent - the easiest path from team burnout
to resilience and success (in-person)

A man engaging in burnout program

You need an approach that is more than just a workshop. This is a full program that gives your people real tools to uplevel their approach to their wellness, work and each other.

I will walk alongside your team to support them and maximise their results. Using the best psychological strategies revealed by research, your team can propel their journey to world-class results.

Great for you and great for your clients.

Please note: This program is only for workplaces whose leadership are ready to lean into uplevelling their commitment to team thriving and success

But it goes further, to help your team navigate the challenging and sometimes stressful road to success in their field.

It consists of:

  1. A full-day workshop of six hours covering causes and symptoms, the three major strategies for managing burnout, and the range of essential mental tools for overcoming the barriers to transformation.
  2. Personalization of the material for each person’s individual journey to resilience. The program workbook enables each person to create their own burnout blueprint - their personal plan for recovery and prevention of burnout and compassion fatigue
  3. An online post-workshop course to reinforce existing learning and introduce new material to keep participants engaged with the material and strengthening healthy new habits
  4. Post-workshop support online
  5. 6 -month progress check-in
  6. A monthly newsletter that further reinforces learning and provides the latest resources and information (curated and summarised) on professional resilience, effectiveness and fulfilment for human service professionals
  7. Leader support material for the transformation process
Cost: A$2995 for groups up to 20 people