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The compact, step-by-step guide to getting ready for the Rapid Results EMDR Intensive Program
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Toni Knight
Author and Presenter

Connect with your power to make a difference.
Anxiety, Burnout, and Trauma

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It’s hard to find peace when there are so many demands on you. You feel trapped by your endless to-do list and so overwhelmed that you want to run and hide. If only you could...

But it is possible to find happiness and energy. Don’t struggle with this challenge on your own any longer. It’s way easier and quicker to take charge of your life with the support of a wise, experienced and caring professional.

What You Can Expect

Support for Thriving at Work

The Burnout Program

The Burnout Program

I present a comprehensive burnout program both in-person (in NSW, Australia) and online. I built this program from the best evidence on burnout prevention and treatment. The program begins with a six-hour workshop, but extends to a full year of support so that your team can implement and strengthen the new behaviours needed to resist the decline into burnout.

Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision

I am a qualified and experienced clinical supervisor for compassionate professionals from a range of human service fields: occupational therapy; counselling and hypnotherapy; natural healing and casework.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselling. If you are an employer and want rapid, effective results for your people

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For People Who Want Therapy

Individual Therapy

You will feel better after one session with my unique mental self-empowerment Process. Three sessions can be transformative!

I have combined the best change strategies into one program so that you can see improvements sooner. This unique combination includes hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), cognitive therapies and parts work

Trauma Treatment

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is an Australian innovation by Judith Richards. You can put any trauma, including complex, repeated traumas behind you forever in just three sessions for suitable candidates (plus a free follow-up session.)

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Writing and Presenting

I have written numerous articles on burnout (see my blog page) and I have presented at conferences, workplaces and as a resident psychotherapist on a radio program. I would be happy to consider your request to speak about burnout or trauma at your event, podcast, or program.

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