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Frequently Asked Questions

What is burnout and compassion fatigue?

Burnout is a syndrome characterised by chronic stress and the depletion of energy, leading to increased cynicism and poorer work performance.

Home life can lead to burnout too, creating serious problems for our health and relationships.

Compassion fatigue results from sympathising with suffering people. When we have no distance from those who are in pain we take on some of that pain. This causes stress and depletion symptoms like those of burnout.

Why invest in managing burnout and compassion fatigue?

Impact: Compassion fatigue (CF) is a type of psychological injury that costs Australian organisations more than $6 billion per year in lost productivity. CF results in an increase in unplanned absences from work, higher staff turnover, withdrawal and presenteeism, and poor work quality.

Legal requirements: Under the WHS Act, leaders have a duty to protect workers from psychological risks as well as physical risks.

Legacy: You facilitate the precious gift of compassion satisfaction for your people. This gift pays forward, through workers who are transforming your clients’ lives.

Values: Empowering others is what you and your organisation do. This program will free your people to do what matters, in ways that fulfill their mission and your commitment to your vision. Solid gold.

How can I be sure that your programs will do what they promise?

My work is all based on sound research evidence and the programs come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied I will refund your investment.

Why should I trust you to help in the task of managing compassion fatigue and burnout for my people, Toni?

I have more than 20 years of experience as a counsellor in a range of settings, including government, non-government and private enterprise. I have worked with many people experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue and have devised interventions that are based on sound science.

I am one of the very few practitioners who have expertise in burnout and compassion fatigue and I am therefore one of the few who can help your people prevent or recover from these debilitating conditions.