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Meet Toni Knight
one of the most experienced hypnotherapists in Newcastle

Having more than 10 years of helping people in person and online. I am also a clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

I can help you with a range of health issues:

  • smoking,
  • uncontrolled eating,
  • sleep difficulty, or
  • anxiety that runs your life.
A woman having anxieties

Emotional mastery - your superpower for growing through adversity (online or in-person, 3-4 hours)

In each case, there are likely to be subconscious factors that are standing in the way of taking charge of your recovery. Factors that are hard to get past on your own.

Having a four-year degree in psychology, I use evidence-based and highly effective approaches to bringing your choices and actions back under your conscious control. I call this Conscious Self-Leadership.

When you have the right tools for effective change, you can make important changes to the way you do small everyday activities. These changes can deliver great benefits to your health, wellness and happiness.

Hypnotherapy enables you to focus more effectively on all the factors that promote effective improvements in your life. Change can feel much easier, and with my guidance and support, you can finally do ‘the impossible.’

A woman guiding an old man how to control his emotions

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