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Great counsellor, terrible business owner

Great counsellor, terrible business owner

17 January 2022

Eight years ago I started my own business.

Great counsellor, terrible business owner. I struggled.

Lacking confidence, I struggled and struggled more. For years.

Then last year I finally removed the barrier to success.

Our real barrier is not information, connections nor assets.

All of those are within reach, for remarkably little cost.

The true barrier is always within - that inner part that tells me I can’t, I shouldn’t, I won’t.

That part generates a feeling - a deep, silent knowing that I am not enough for this.

It is powerful in its stealth. I lived so many years in its shadow.

But last year, a brief therapy neutralised the impact of my trauma and unhelpful core beliefs.

Having done the work, I now have work to do. And I am progressing this time. Steadily and positively. But it’s not a case of ‘happily ever after’. It ain’t Disney - and that’s a good thing.

Recovering from this unhelpful early conditioning is courageous, important work. The positive impacts are viral, and generational.

I am now building a legacy that, in hindsight, felt too much for me. Not now. 

This powerful, sweet freedom is our birthright. Move past your past to make a difference, because you can.

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