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Create a Safe and Happy Work Space

Create a Safe and Happy Work Space

24 January 2022

Imagine a world where everybody felt safe and happy about going to work. 

You wouldn’t have to worry about bullying, exclusion, harassment or discrimination.

Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in.

While employers in many parts of the world are legally required to provide psychologically safe workplaces, they are the shining exception rather than the norm.

You can’t wait for your employer to have that lightbulb moment about the enormous value of being decent and fair to each other at work. It may never come.

Instead, you can find one other person at work and ideally, two or more others. You can agree to create your own ‘greenhouse’ within the workplace. 

It’s about having a shared understanding of how you will communicate, support and excel together. It’s also about solving workplace problems among you, possibly advocating as a group to management when necessary. 

This is about empowering each other to create a safe and happy work space within the workplace. 

Because why wait if you can do it yourselves?

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Toni Knight
Psychotherapist, Author and Presenter

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